Our Team

We are a family owned and operated business in San Diego, California. Oceans Of Love has helped us heal and commemorate the pets we have loved and lost. Our hope is that one of our services may do the same for you. The ocean has given us the gift of great experiences, memories and healing.  All of our services are carried out personally on our sailing vessel "RASA." We are committed to making the final tribute to your pet a beautiful and respectful experience as if they were our own.



Our founder of Oceans of Love is a fitness & wellness enthusiast. Linda's love for animals, the environment, and being outdoors gave her inspiration for Oceans of Love. 



Our Skipper is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain with many years of boating experience. Adam oversees our crew's training on the water and maintains RASA to the highest standard.



She inspires the crew with her strength and compassionate spirit. Ocean's of Love builds off Michaela's passion and loving nature every day. 

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Our desire to be eco-conscious was inspired by Hailey's passion for sustainability and environmental responsibility. This couple inspires the crew to be healthy and fit.