was born and raised in tropical Sri Lanka. As a self-taught artist he uses his photographic memory and life experiences to produce vibrant, colorful images of the rain forest flora and fauna, which are complimented with intriguing stories and research information about each painting. His paintings reveal his love for art coupled with an unrestrained, lifelong reverence for nature.

As a renowned wildlife artist who has traveled to over 55 countries, accumulating a bird list in the 4,000s, Gamini Ratnavira’s artwork continues to honor endangered species and represents a lifetime of honoring nature. Internationally collected, his artwork can be visited at or purchased here.

Each portrait of your pet is created by Gamini himself with Turner acryl gouache Japaneque colors on canvas based on a photograph of your choice.

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Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar

Nature Through His Painting
”Gamini Ratnavira is one of the most talented wildlife artists I have known. He is a passionate conservationist who shares his love of life and nature through his painting.”
— Michael W. Hager, Ph.D. Executive Director, San Diego Natural History Museum